Can I Hold You
a new play about asexuality

San Francisco Mime Troupe Studio, Stanford University, Feb. 2018, and Teddy’s (Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY), August 2018
Written by Kari Barclay
Directed by Kari Barclay and Jacob Sexton
Featuring Olivia Popp, Charlie O’Donohue, Gabriella Momah, and Jenny Hong

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20 Minutes of Action
Stanford Artists of Color Respond to the Brock Turner Case

LitCrawl San Francisco and Stanford University (SF Bay Area, CA), March 2017
Directed by Kari Barclay
Produced by Thao Nguyen
Featuring Afroz Algiers, Luz Jiménez Ruvalcaba, Hope Yi, Abisola Kusimo, Mina Shah, Sage Isabella, Amber Walker, and Jenny Hong


Androcles and the Lion

Round House Theater (Bethesda, MD), April 2015
Written by Aurand Harris
Directed by Kari Barclay
Featuring Satya Vallis, Eleanor Robb, Hannah Felperin, Kenny Hahn, and Avery Mulligan

An Indictment

Duke University (Durham, NC), February 2016
Written by Kari Barclay
Directed by Colleen Sharpe
Featuring Alexus Wells, Michael Sutton, Katie Beachem, Wesley Caretto, and Cullen Burling



Manbites Dog Theater (Durham, NC), Oct. 2013
Written by Mike Bartlett
Directed by Jeff Storer
Assistant Directed by Kari Barclay
Featuring Phil Watson, Gregor McElvogue, Emma Miller, and John Honeycutt


A Soiree for the Eighth of November

Stanford University, May 2018
Based on Saadallah Wannous’s An Evening Party for the Fifth of June
Written by Kari Barclay
Produced by Thao Nguyen as part of Centrifuge: Stories of Refugees and Displacement
Featuring Danya el-Kurd, Iris Haik, Faris Barhoum, Emily Francis, Laura Menendez, and Max Drach

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The Man Who

Duke University (Durham, NC), February 2014
Written by Peter Brook
Based on the book by Oliver Sacks
Directed by Kari Barclay
Designed by Austin Powers
Featuring Samuel Kebede, Faye Goodwin, Nick Prey, and Cynthia Wang


Bully Boy

Common Ground Theater and Common Wealth Endeavors (Durham, NC), June 2014
Written by Sandi Toksvig
Directed by Kari Barclay
Featuring Gregor McElvogue and Justin Johnson

The Bull City Dignity Project

Hayti Heritage Center, The Pinhook, and Duke University (Durham, NC), August 2015
Written by Kari Barclay, Lara Haft, and the performers in collaboration with Durham residents
Directed by Kari Barclay
Produced by Kari Barclay and Lara Haft


Me Too Monologues

Duke University (Durham, NC), Jan. 2015
Written by anonymous Duke students and workers
Directed by Kari Barclay