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ExMarginalia Podcast: Blank Spaces and Straight White Men

In this podcast, Kari and Sarah discuss Cass Lennox's novel Blank Spaces and Young Jean Lee's play Straight White Men, exploring the performance of identities in these works of fiction. Topics include whiteness, gender, theater, asexuality, and dissident librarians.
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Vaclav Havel Library Foundation Fellowship Essay: Resisting Supportively--Dissent in the Era of Neoliberalism

What does it mean to make political art in the 21st century? Building on Vaclav Havel's classic essay The Power of the Powerless, I suggest that political theater must not only oppose government overreach but must also positively model systems of support like the welfare state that increasingly find themselves under threat. A vibrant civil society like that envisioned by the playwright-turned-president Havel can hold a government accountable to provide necessary services to those most in need.
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TEDx Talk: Breaking the Oppression--Theater for a More Just World

A TEDx talk on inequalities in the theater world and on personal experience making art to address this inequality.


Field Notes: Adventures of a Director

A blog with reflections on theater and performance experiences, including those from the Hemispheric Institute's Encuentro conference in Santiago, Chile; Humanity in Action Fellowship in Copenhagen, Denmark; La MaMa International Symposium for Directors in Umbria, Italy; and travels in Mexico and Argentina funded by the Benenson Award in the Arts


Conference Presentations



LMDA Conference: Activism and Accessibility (Berkeley, CA, June 2017)

Delivered a paper, "The Labor of Belonging: Affect and Presence in Documentary Monologue Performance," exploring how the ideals of belonging and community--the often-expressed goals of political theater--can be coercive and reactionary when applied in the wrong way. The paper attempted to learn from past my mistakes as part of Me Too Monologues when I let the production lose its sense of mission and start serving those in power.


Out of the Wings Symposium on Golden Age Spanish Drama (Bath, UK, Oct. 2013)

Spoke on a panel about Tirso de Molina's 1615 play Don Gil de las calzas verdes (Don Gil of the Green Breeches), drawing on experience directing and translating Miguel de Cervantes's play, La cueva de Salamanca (The Cave of Salamanca) of the same era.